Going Through My Junk Mail

Anyone with a permanent address can relate to the pile of “exclusive” credit card offers I have on my desk right now. I usually just shred them — I figure that if and when I want to apply, I will probably get a comparable deal. But it’s all speculation really. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve […]

73% off Seven-Night Resort Stays in North America

Groupon’s “Getaways with Expedia” promotion page is featuring a great deal (4 days left) for 7-night stays with World Resorts International. WRI’s got locations all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico . The inventory of available rooms is changing every minute (over 1,000 people already bought the deal when I checked) but it’ll still be a […]

How AmEx Platinum® and Centurion® Members Can Use Their $200 Airline Credit

And we’re continuing the list of travel perks for American Express® Platinum® and Centurion® members! Remember when passengers got breakfast, lunch and dinner — all free of charge? Not anymore. Luckily, American Express® is offering a $200 airline credit for additional, miscellaneous or “offsetting” fees charged onto their card. Sounds great, right? Believe it or […]

No Airport Lines with ‘Global Entry’ for AmEx Travelers

Earlier this year, American Express® introduced a great perk for its Platinum® and Centurion® that is sure to continue into the new year.   Reimbursement for $100 processing fee for TSA’s Global Entry Program Benefits (according to the US immigrations website): *No queing for passport control checks *No time consuming paper customs declaration form *Expedited travel […]

Trend: Upping the Ante with Rewards

As the internal structures of popular banks and credit card giants change course, and as consumers rely more and more on new technology, look forward to a spike in rewards offers. Same Old Thing When it comes to the credit card business, size matters.  Networks like Visa and MasterCard, that distribute their cards through banks, […]

A Card for Garage Band Junkies

The Capital One MTV Visa Credit Card is one option to help beginners with Average credit earn points rewards. As noted in a previous post, many students using their parents’ cards have limited credit histories and would not qualify for cards that offer optimal rewards. While the Capital One MTV Visa Credit Card is available under Excellent and Average credit, the […]

Credit 101: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

  Below you’ll find Capital One’s minimum criteria for Excellent, Average and Below Average credit. Usually companies offer more cash rewards for applicants with Excellent ratings, albeit to compensate for the free stuff you’ll most likely face higher Annual Fees or Variable APR after the first year. In these cases it’s always best to evaulate your options — there are plenty […]

Coming Soon

Welcome to RewardCards! We’re here to find the best information available about credit card rewards programs for you, our cherished readers. We’ll also keep a watchful eye out for red flags that you’ll want to avoid. Look forward to an up-to-date database of rewards offers, along with industry news highlighting limited-time bargains, loopholes and insider tips! For more […]